What is Neuroflexology?

Neuroflexology is a relatively new therapy that is quickly and easily applied to the feet and lower legs in less than ten minutes. It is a non invasive light treatment on specific areas of the feet and shins.
Neuroflexology triggers nerve innervation which frees the body to reduce inflammation around old injury/trauma sites. The body's own healing powers are activated, often resulting in a reduction of pain around the spine, better sleeping patterns and reduced anxiety.

What happens after the ten minutes?

In order to give the body a chance to respond, a rest period immediately after the application is advised. Neuoflexology should not be combined with reflexology in the same session, as the two cancel each other out. I am offering the treatment in combination with Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage or Back Massage.

How often should I have Neuroflexology?

The effects of Neuroflexology can be felt up to two weeks in some cases, but in my opinion weekly sessions work best. If you don't want a full hour's session every week you can book a Top Up session which is shorter and includes a rest period.

How will I feel afterwards?

The treatment is relaxing, and one of the effects can be a reduction in anxiety. Most people mention a huge improvement in sleeping times and patterns, and a feeling of well being. Chronic pain can often be reduced and managed better.


I had six weekly treatments of Neuroflexology from Corinna. The treatments helped me to engage my mind with my own healing potential. By triggering points briefly on the feet, I found that my body learnt to listen more carefully to its reaction to the treatment, and in so doing, stimulated my own responses rather than a dependency of displaced responsibility to the healer. Corinna has a calm and deeply insightful approach to her patients, and the time spent was immensely beneficial. I cannot recommend this treatment highly enough.
Emily Philips, June 2016

ES Magazine 28/4/17

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