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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is one of the most popular complementary therapies in the UK. It works by applying pressure to specific reflex points on the feet, and sometimes hands, that relate to the organs, glands, muscles and bones of the body. I can usually feel different qualities of tissue in the feet, that ease after being massaged or held. By stimulating these reflexes, the body's natural healing ability is enhanced.
The sensations of pressure on the feet can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable at first, but with time and repeated treatments the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing tends to spread. Many of my patients fall asleep while I work on their feet, or report an "out of body experience".

What conditions can Reflexology help?

Reflexology can help with many different problems including:
  • headaches and migraine
  • irregular periods
  • digestive disorders
  • fertility issues
  • sinus problems
  • anxiety
  • back pain

What happens during a Reflexology session?

Reflexology involves applying pressure to every area of your feet, ankles and calves, and appointments last an hour. Although I tend to give deep treatments to tease out the imbalances, patients often fall asleep on the table.

It is a good idea to take it easy and relax afterwards, to allow the benefits of the treatment to work through the body. Also, drinking lots of water will help with flushing out the toxins.

I sometimes start the session with a few minutes of Vertical Reflex Therapy, with the recipient standing up. This is particularly helpful with posture issues.

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How will I feel afterwards?

Most people feel deeply relaxed after their treatment. I am often told that they are more alert, sleep better, and have a sensation of wellbeing, as their health starts to improve. Occasionally, because of the release of toxins and tensions, there might be an initial "healing reaction" to the treatment, with some tiredness or a slight headache. This is more likely to occur in the early stages of treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

This depends entirely on your reasons for coming. For serious symptoms, twice weekly treatments would be recommended for the initial stage, then going on to once a week, and later once a fortnight to maintain wellbeing and good health. For relaxation and to strengthen the immune system, it is often enough to have a session once every 2 or 3 weeks.

I want to get pregnant. Can Reflexology help me?

Reflexology has been used successfully to regulate hormonal functions. In some cases there is an underlying medical condition which prevents women from getting pregnant, and I would recommend to get medical advice after unsuccessfully trying to conceive. However, some women are just too busy, too tired and too tense to function in today's stressful world, and a course of reflexology may help them on their way to conception.

I am pregnant. Is it safe to have Reflexology?

In the hands of an experienced Reflexologist it is perfectly safe to have this treatment during pregnancy, it is even recommended by many authors of baby books, some consultants and midwives. Reflexology is such a wonderful way of making you feel good!

Over the years I have helped many women before, during and after their pregnancy, both with reflexology and with massage. Reflexology can be helpful in regulating hormonal functions if there are fertility issues, and pregnancy reflexology is helpful as a natural aide for pain relief, digestive problems, and to ease the birthing process. Many women come back to have treatments soon after the birth of their child, to help regulate their hormones.

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I am pregnant and over my due date. Can Reflexology help start labour?

There is a special technique called Priming, which can be used to stimulate labour. It follows a normal reflexology treatment, and consists of 9 steps designed to reach the pelvic area through reflexes and meridians. It is recommended to have a few reflexology treatments before the due date, or indeed throughout the whole pregnancy. Once the due date has been reached, the Priming sequence can be added to the treatments for a stronger effect. In my experience two priming treatments are needed for labour to start, although there is no guarantee that it will. If the baby isn't ready it won't come out. But the treatment aids relaxation at the very least.


"Corinna Javitz is a naturally gifted and highly skilled reflexologist and massage therapist with over 25 years of experience. She is an honorary member of ART. I highly recommend her." Tony Porter, Founder/Director of ART (Advanced Reflexology Training), 15/8/2014

"As ever a wonderful massage and foot treatment. You have an absolutely magical touch and I look forward to seeing you again very soon!" Monika S, 8/5/18

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