What is Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage?

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage is a lovely relaxing treatment of the face and neck that incorporates pressure points in the neck, meridian work of the face and scalp, an oily massage of the face, and lymphatic drainage of the face and neck. Working on both the surface and deeper muscles as well as the skin, your appearance can be improved over time, and the meridian work allows us the possibility of influencing the flow of energy in the rest of the body.

Japanese Face Massage. meridians on face

What are the benefits?

Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage works on different levels. It reduces tension in the face and neck, increases circulation to the face and improves the condition of the skin. The surface and deep musculature as well as the skin are being worked. By pressing and tapping the acupressure points, or tsubos, muscle tone can be improved and wrinkles diminished. Eight of the 14 main meridians are worked, therefore balancing the health of the whole person. The lymphatic drainage at the end encourages elimination of toxins from the tissues and reduces puffiness. Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage is a profoundly relaxing treatment which leaves you feeling invigorated at the same time.

How many treatments do I need?

Like any forms of massage the benefits are felt by the body over several treatments. I would recommend a course of five treatments, ideally weekly. Each face massage is about 55 minutes long.
After the initial course of five I would recommend monthly sessions to retain the benefits. The face massage can be taken by itself or tagged onto a reflexology or massage.
I take a photograph before the first session and after the sixth to chart any visual improvements.

What happens during a Japanese Face Massage?

The client lies down comfortably with a towel allowing access to their neck and shoulders, and has their photograph taken.

Various points on the neck are pressed to reduce tension and increase circulation to the face. Proper blood flow is needed to repair damaged tissues, to supply the skin with nutrients and oxygen, and to flush out toxins.

Oil is applied to the neck and face. The neck is worked again, and then a detailed massage of the face follows. Small but relatively deep muscle manipulation techniques release over-contracted muscular tissues. Increased circulation allows repair and rejuvenation. This is also a preparation for the next stage. Stimulating tsubos is more effective when the tissue is warmed and activated by massage, and the muscles are relaxed - the pressure can be received without muscle resistance.

Tsubos on the face and scalp are gently pressed and the ones on the face are tapped, and meridian lines stroked. The pressure activates facial nerves and increases the flow of Ki or Chi (energy) to the face, this creating a natural face lift effect. The tapping can help to reduce wrinkles, and the stroking of meridians balances the flow of energy and influences associated organs.

The facial massage and meridian work will have released toxins. Lymphatic drainage of the neck and face will speed up the elimination of those toxins from the body, as well as draining bags and puffiness under the eyes.

Tsuboki should be avoided if you have had botox in the last three weeks, have epilepsy or infectious skin conditions, and in pregnancy.


"I was quite sceptical but after 4 weekly sessions someone who I see quite regularly said I was looking younger and then today someone I had seen a month ago, unsolicited, commented on my youthful looks too!!! It seems to be working. " MG, 6/6/2014

" Your face massage is the most relaxing type of massage I have ever experienced. I arrived tense, slightly breathless, anxious, and leave feeling serene and calm. What talented hands! " Jessica L, 23/6/2014

"The face massage is a wonderful relaxation. Everyday stress continues to be reduced. The treatment is not only lovingly applied and incredibly pleasurable, but it makes you look younger and prettier, and some wrinkles disappear. My quality of life has definitely improved!" Cordula J, 15/6/2014

"You're Simply The Best" Anonymous, 6/11/19

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